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going through a long, slow, site rebuild after some rotten php hack on the backend. patience.
and then/quiet | 20140905
it’s been a busy three years, more or less. where does that mean we’ve left off? or more to the point, perhaps, who’s still left after the leaving off? the [...]
returning to mapless geolocation | 20110819
unlike most of the current generation of kids, i grew up learning to read paper maps. i can use a manual compass. i can even identify some crucial stellar [...]
pizza dough (a la romana) | 20110531
恺宁 and i got ourselves a pizza stone in march and needed a good dough recipe to go with it. it didn’t take us long to find one among the many recipes [...]
soulcraft convert review | 20110123
Part I: Exploring options So i’ve been toying with the idea of ‘fixing’ something that isn’t necessarily broken: the chain [...]
situationist randonneur | 20101112
while randonneuring is more often associated with long distance riding, here in its "rambling" root i use it to suggest the middle ground between [...]
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